Not in Kansas anymore

I’m staying in the building on the right. That’s a commuter train on the elevated track. The 2 buildings are sitting on one-fourth of a traffic circle.

You might notice the sign on the right side of the building. That sign is lit up in neon at night. Neon that changes colors like a Christmas tree. Red. Blue. Orange. Pink. Green.

My room is on the 10th floor, right around the “C” at the top of the sign. The curtain doesn’t quite block the light so during the night my room glows with the changing colors.

There are a lot of buses, cars, skooters, pedestrians. I’ve enjoyed my forays out and about. It’s always interesting to get to know a new city (or in this case a new part of a city I’ve been to before).

This is not a part of town that caters to non-mandarin speaking types. Which is fine. I’m studying the written language and learning new words. However, I don’t know enough to order dinner without supervision from one of my local friends.

Now if I could figure out how to make this trip without my stomach betraying me. Tonight I’m dining on imported Pringles. {sigh}

About Fran Hart

Disciple of Christ, earning a living as the director of US-based operations for a Taiwanese company, managing an engineering organization while carving out time to write. Wife, Mother, Grandmother.
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5 Responses to Not in Kansas anymore

  1. Princess Abigail says:

    Wow that does sound like fun! Not the sore tummy bit though – the being so far from home bit! Enjoy!!!!

  2. you gotta wonder says:

    I love to travel, I just wish my body handled it better.

    I am determined to have a good time!

  3. therextras says:

    I’m behind, er, late in getting this to you. Perhaps you are closer to France than Texas at this point.

    Wish I could help with a miracle cure for your – if not Montezuma’s revenge – how about Mao’s revenge?

    More seriously, be well enough to come home to us. I’m thinking we should manage a Lenten luncheon, eh?

  4. Heidi says:

    I hope you have fun and that your stomach can take it. I feel for you. I’ve got a weak stomach myself.

  5. dallasdiva says:

    Really sorry. I’ve been thinking tons about you. Wish you were here. Love all the pictures!!