Still working on finding balance

This weekend has been incredible. I can’t remember the last time I managed to get so much done in the space of 2 days. I’m quite sure that managing myself through a to-do list is a large part of what got me here (“here” being “exhausted and ready for bed at 10pm Sunday night”).

Confession: I’m still working on Day2 of the to-do list. I couldn’t get everything done. I did get *most* of it done, though.
Truth be told, I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. I’m delighted to sit in my clean office. It’s so much more relaxing than the engulfed-in-clutter condition it was in. Ditto for my bedroom. Feng shui is a marvelous lifestyle.
But…I didn’t exercise at all this weekend. Despite writing “go for a run” on both days of my 2 days of to-do’s, I did not go for a run.
I’ve cleaned house, read, practiced piano, invested in some Bible-study, done laundry, gone to church, written blog posts, commented on other blogs (could’ve/should’ve/would’ve done more of that) and spent effort cleaning up our sunroom. Oddly (or maybe not, considering the amount of bending, lifting, trotting up/down stairs, etc), I’m sore as if I’d exercised. But I didn’t actually exercise. So…this week I vow to get in at least 3 workouts.
For now, I’ll bask in the afterglow of what I did accomplish this weekend. Here are the before/after photos of the sunroom. Yes, darkness fell while I was working. In the morning, I’ll be able to enjoy my quiet/prayer time here. Alabaster is setting a fine example (on the ottoman) in the “after” photo.

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One Response to Still working on finding balance

  1. TherExtras says:

    Well, we had a cool front come in tonight – so I'm wondering where you put all those plants since you are north of me?!

    Well done if not 'perfect'. Barbara