That was random….

While we were purchasing our train tickets yesterday morning (there are kiosks for this activity) a local came up to us and began yammering in German. We replied as only seemed appropriate with our standard “English?” response. The guy switched to broken English and began to tell us how we were wasting money buying tickets and that if we bought event tickets that included train fare we wouldn’t need to purchase a ticket. He went on to say that even though the police didn’t like it, it was a good deal. And that the police had asked him leave the train station but he knew they were changing shifts in 30 minutes so he figured he’d come back then. Okaaay…..

Then he proceeded to follow us downstairs to the platform.

That’s all there is to this tale. Bizarre, right? Loaded with nuance. Plenty of unanswered questions.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the guy, but I did take a picture of a different man who was surrounded by police in a universal scenario of “this doesn’t look good”.

Now, it’s time for me to work on a more relevant summary regarding today’s adventures.


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