Adventures where there are none

It’s ten o’clock (p.m.) and I’m pretty wiped out. We spent all day in a conference room compiling information on issues affecting the quality of our newly launched product family. It must be the absence of kms of walking that has me so exhausted. Even though it’s ridiculously early to be writing an end-of-day summary, here I am. Forgive me if I’m belaboring the banal.

Mr. A and I needed to run errands and the airport is the shopping & dining district of convenience. We ate lunch at a gas station so it’s all relative, right? We took about an hour break at the end of our workday, then agreed to meet in the lobby for the now-familiar shuttle ride to the airport. At the airport, we parted company to run our separate errands. I needed to stop by the pharmacy. They were going straight to the grocery store and I was going to meet them there. Then we would find a place to eat dinner. Should I point out that we don’t have cell phones? Parting company is not trivial. We have to find each other again!

I took care of my business, including a stop at a bookstore (purchased a post-card). I made my way to the grocery store where I had time to shop for a while before my companions showed up. They took the scenic route, naturally. The good news is that they were able to scope out some restaurants in a part of the airport we’d yet to explore.

One intriguing aspect of the pricing in Germany that I haven’t shared – the price of California wine. I purchased a bottle for 2 Euros. It’s of the same quality one might expect in the US for $10-$12. But for 2 Euros (less than $3). The German wines were all priced about what I’d expect (6-10 Euros). Who can pass up a 2 Euro bottle of wine? Not I.

Then we had dinner at a fast-food Thai restaurant. Ordering looked to be an adventure in and of itself. Fortunately the order-taker took pity on us and gave us an English menu, sparing us the adventure that was to be dinner. I did learn that chicken in German is “gai”. This is useful information.

OK, that’s the best I can do. Maybe it’s the wine but I blame the long days and short nights. I’m pooped. Until the ‘morrow!


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