He who hesitates is lost

Sure, it’s late but there’s a bit of the story I absolutely must share!

On our way to dinner we had discussed which would be the right station for making the train change. I pointed out that there were 5 and recommended that we switch at one of the smaller ones (knowing how we operate I wasn’t interested in expanding the number of options we’d have to face in a large station). There were 2 small stations to choose from. When we got to the first station, there was no immediate leaping to action so I was comfortable with the assumption that we’d taken the second choice.

Then Mr. A said “should we change here?” and I said “we can” and so we all got up to parade off the train. One obstacle daunted us – a woman with her baby in a carriage blocked the door. Mr. A got past her, then stopped for a second to ponder the situation. At the door. Then he stepped onto the platform. By now, you can appreciate that more than a few seconds have elapsed. In case you’ve already guessed, yes…Mr. A left the train and the doors closed. EOE and I were left to return to our seats and determine how to best regroup.

OK, it wasn’t that dramatic and obviously we all made to the final destination, but for just that moment in time I did find validity in the old saying. It’s one thing to look before you leap, but don’t stand around debating about it!


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