When he tugged on me, pulling me forward, I offered little resistance. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but with Jake, wherever we went, it was guaranteed to be an adventure. His enthusiasm, so contagious, drew me forward as much as the strength of his momentum. No matter how many times we made our way along these paths, covering the same ground, everything was always new for him. His boundless curiosity helped open my eyes to the world of possibilities.

“Come on, Jake. Slow down,” I said, though I knew my words were lost on him. My sweet dog.

{In response to this week’s word prompt from velvetverbosity.com: “resistance“}


About Fran Hart

Disciple of Christ, earning a living as the director of US-based operations for a Taiwanese company, managing an engineering organization while carving out time to write. Wife, Mother, Grandmother.
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6 Responses to Jake

  1. Great twist, I thought lit was a friend or something… well a human friend that is:-)

  2. AuroraLee says:

    I LOVE when the dog takes me for a walk, instead of the other way around 😛

    … unless I’m in a hurry. LOL

  3. Dogs and children – we need them to remind us that life really is an adventure. You never know what treasures lay just ahead.