4 weeks into rehab

Four weeks ago today we acquired this flip house. Or flippin’ house. I am feeling much more empathy for the folks on reality TV who find themselves embroiled in this quagmire of endless to-do’s and decisions. The situation and the associated stress is compounded by partnership. We each have opinions and often we are not aligned. When we’re busy, each with our own thing, the operation runs smoothly. When it comes down to “I think you can reuse the old mirror” vs. “we have these 2 free mirrors our friend gave us” it is a trial.

There is a little bit of water damage at the bottom of the mirror (behind the sink). I’m not sure what Mr. H is envisioning with the 2 mirror strategy. Yesterday he painted doors while I ran caulk around the baseboards and began to consider (among other things, such as my lack of caulking skills) our options for staging the house.

Our goal is to be finished by October 1. Now Mr. H is saying Monday (i.e. one more weekend) October 3rd; however…we have other plans for Sunday/Monday and we have an ~all day meeting on Saturday. We’ll have to see how that affects our goal.

Speaking of non-flip activities, our own home is suffering mightily from the month-long distraction (not to mention all of our cleaning supplies are at the flip-house). The home-invaders aren’t helping. First a raccoon wreaked havoc in the office. Then last week a ‘possum ran amok in the sun room before coming in through the cat door and hiding behind the dryer in our laundry room. I haven’t stopped to put things back in order, so this disaster awaits attention (a sampling – there’s fish food from one end to the other and several plants were knocked over in the making of this disaster):

Thanks, Opossum, for giving us something else to do.

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2 Responses to 4 weeks into rehab

  1. Bernie says:

    When it rains it pours, I am not even laughing with you and pray this will come under the heading of “Adventure” when looking back in your old age. Peace to you, the Peace of Christ to you.