Thank you, Holiday Inn Express!

Here is a letter (sent via snail mail) to the managers at the Holiday Inn Express in Lubbock (on Interstate 27):

Dear Management Team,

I want to express my gratitude for your prompt response to two things that happened during our recent stay at your Lubbock facility (the night of Sunday, 10/2). First, our air conditioning unit was having some problem and it rattled and clanked all night, disrupting our sleep. In the morning, my husband brought this to the attention of the person at the front desk and we received a discount for our stay. I really appreciate the way this was handled.

Second, I neglected to take my phone charger with me when we checked out in the morning. I realized my error when we were halfway back to Round Rock, sometime late in the day on Monday. I called the hotel and was assured that the housekeeping crew would be contacted and if the charger was found it would be mailed to me. Honestly, I wasn’t that hopeful. I was surprised and delighted when I received the charger in the mail 3 days later, on Thursday!

I was already a loyal customer, but am now also a vocal advocate – recommending Holiday Inn Express as the best option for convenience and customer service. Thank you for your above-and-beyond attention to our satisfaction.

You have my sincere thanks,


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