Back on the market

We’ve lost another round with our flip house. The 2nd buyer has backed out based on the inspection. Mr. H is back on site making some additional repairs. I did not expect there to be this much drama in the contract phase. Apparently we’re not having trouble finding interested buyers, but we are having trouble in keeping them.

I haven’t seen the full list of items but I do know that Mr. H is getting the opportunity to work on his door-replacing skills. The craft of taking a door off the shelf at Home Depot and installing the knobs and hinges is trickier than you might imagine. It’s worth replacing the doors if that’s what’s preventing these contracts from sticking. I’ll try to post some before/after photos for reference.

UPDATE: I finally reviewed THE LIST. I’m not sure why our agent didn’t forward this to us when he received it following the first inspection, but we have it now and Mr. H is busily addressing the issues. Since we paid to have the AC repaired during the rehab phase, the claim that the AC’s not working properly will be addressed by the repairman who worked on it. Some of the items are minor or questionable (lots of “as needed” comments in the list – makes me wonder if that’s stock for all inspections). Other items will require an expert, such as having our friend who does roofs look at the roof. And we’ll hire a plumber to address the apparent break in the sewer line…under the house. By comparison, other items are nice-to-haves. I suppose we could make those repairs and increase the asking price of the house. For now, we’re focusing on the must-haves. Like a working sewer line.

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