Real Estate, Holidays and Word Counts

Two weeks ago, on November 13th, I started writing a novel for NaNoWriMo. Sure, I should have started on November 1st, since the whole point is that November is National Novel Writing Month. But the first 2 weekends were tied up with travel to Camp Allen (Cursillo and the Evangelism Conference – both are worthy causes). And I do have a full-time job that keeps me busy.

Meanwhile, our tenants moved out of a rental property (leaving us with plenty to clean/repair) and we’ve had some challenges with the flip house. The flip house is currently not on the market as Mr. H. is finishing repairs to the garage floor, following repairs to the sewage line, following repairs to the foundation. He’s going to paint/finish the garage and we’re going to increase the asking price for the house. At least, that’s the plan. The point is, I’ve also had some extra-curricular challenges.

On Day 1 of my novel writing effort (November 13th) I finished fewer than 500 words. Not a problem if Day 1 was November 1, but I was almost halfway into the month. I limped along, trying to get rolling, building steam, anticipating the Thanksgiving Holiday. My assumption was that the 2,000 mile round trip to my sister’s house in Georgia would offer many plenty of opportunity to write and write and write. I was partially right, but there were also plenty of distractions and demands on my attention, as I am the chief co-pilot and navigator. Not to mention that family visits require, well, visiting.

My daily word count has steadily increased. I’m now cranking out several thousand words per day. As of today, my total word count is just under 20,000 words. I need to write 10,000 words per day for the next 3 days in order to “succeed” in this year’s challenge. No matter what happens, I’m glad that I’m forcing myself to press on.

During our family visit, I solicited plot twist ideas and received two: a fiery explosion and a prison riot. I’ve incorporated both. I would appreciate any additional suggestions. These ideas are a great way for me to add words. Don’t worry about relevance or continuity, that’s the fun I get to have with your ideas.

Please leave a comment with your plot twist suggestion(s). 

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10 Responses to Real Estate, Holidays and Word Counts

  1. Bernie Davies says:

    Well, whoever is involved has to become stranded on a dark, lonely stretch of highway. Either out of gas or a flat tire with no spare combined with a desperate need to reach destination or avoid something extremely scarey.

  2. Robert Wren says:

    When out of the blue suddenly appears a single car. As it approaches whoever it is realizes it is a familiar looking car and as it slows to a halt and whoever it is sees a long lost friend behind the wheel. After an excited reunion whoever it is explains the predicament and they pile into the friends car and set off to make the important connection. Everything seems to be looking good, when suddenly there is a loud noise and they are stopped again with a blowout, and no spare tire… again. (Things could go on for a long while this way. 😎 )

  3. Bernie Davies says:

    The night is not only black, it is so dark that besides not being able to see it has robbed you of all of your senses. All you know is that you are standing, somewhere with nothing to guide you. You are frozen in time and space with only fear as your companion.

  4. Bernie Davies says:

    Your twit added a great novel idea. A hyper person on hyper drugs. But keep in mind its not like someone on speed, it is someone with a clear head who is stuck at warp speed and bounces all over the place.

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