Sorry about that

Dear Jaguar-owner,

Sorry about your car. I sliced the 17th hole. Finally found the damned ball on your hood. At 7 under par for the course, had to take the shot. I hope you understand.

A little birdie

For this week’s Trifecta Trifextra challenge, you have to write a letter of apology in exactly 33 words. Addresses, salutations, closings, etc. (should you wish to include them) do not count in the 33 words.

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Disciple of Christ, earning a living as the director of US-based operations for a Taiwanese company, managing an engineering organization while carving out time to write. Wife, Mother, Grandmother.
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35 Responses to Sorry about that

  1. Tara R. says:

    You have to play the lie, right? Too funny!

  2. Lance says:

    I’m sure they’d under. Losing a stroke is worse than denting a car.

    hilarious, loved it

  3. barbara says:

    oh, yes . . . golfers would understand. 🙂

    Now, parking in the wrong spot at the BALL field could cause a broken windshield or more. 🙂

    • Fran Hart says:

      I imagine the split second of consideration, then the shrug and ascent onto the hood! 🙂

      Oh! I should’ve had the golfball break a window and land in the INTERIOR! Whoa!!! Hahaha! Thanks, Barbara. 😀

  4. kgwaite says:

    Loved this one. Perfect.

  5. You just cracked me up this morning! Love it!

  6. Mel says:

    Funny take on the prompt. Great job!

  7. Amanda says:

    I love “A little birdie” 😀

  8. Sandra says:

    What a creative response to the challenge! Nice!

  9. k~ says:

    Hehehe, this one made me laugh… I love to laugh!


  10. I like yo response to the challenge. It is different.

  11. Jester Queen says:

    I totally imagine this golfer waggling his butt in the air, standing on the hood, hopping to GOD he doesn’t chip the ‘soil’.

  12. A good reason not to live on a golf course.

  13. Nice take on the challenge!

  14. Diane Turner says:

    I read this to my husband, who worships the golf god, and his response: Of course, why is there even a need to apologize? Nicely done. (Your writing, not him).

  15. Imelda says:

    He can afford another Jaguar, for sure. But that under 7 par, priceless. 🙂

    What a unique and funny take on the prompt.

    Of course, I had to ask my husband to explain some terms to me because I am not a golfer. But he was laughing the entire time that he was showing me what was happening.

  16. Bernie Davies says:

    At the Texas Independence Day reenactment at
    Washington on the Brazos they shoot off all the guns and cannon. This sets off every car alarm of cars parked anywhere near the site. If you park by the wrong place you get what you get.