Transformation 2012: Day 2

For reference, I’ve included a “before” image. My 10-day transformation is independent of the work that Mr. H has already completed. Prior to my jumping in to strip wallpaper, he’s already removed tile, modified cabinets, etc.

Yesterday I spent the day stripping wallpaper. Today, I spent the day stripping wallpaper. Wallpaper stripping is an art form. As Mr. H pointed out, this does not, technically speaking, count as “skilled labor.” It is mindless, which is exactly what I need.

While I worked, I daydreamed about tomorrow, a day that will not include wallpaper, but will include Listen To Your Mother. I sang, I prayed, I considered the vicissitudes of life, and I pondered my next artistic endeavor (details to be revealed tomorrow).

NOTE: I found the best technique for removing the wallpaper was to spray water over a 3’X3′ section, let the water soak for a while, repeat. After 5-10 minutes, the layers peel away. (I used a plastic putty knife to assist in peeling/scraping.) I generally alternated between two sections, spraying a section and peeling the other section, then switching. The final step was to remove the glue. I spent about an hour washing the walls of the slimy residue. The concrete was a slippery mess of water, glue and paper strips. Next time I might use a drop cloth for easier floor clean-up.

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  1. Bernie Davies says:

    This brings to mind very clearly the movie “Karate Kid”. Mindless tasks that were repetitious. That is how grashopper learned. Is Karate your next big adventure, and winning while standing on one leg? Please invite me to watch.