Transformation 2012: Day 9

I spent the day cutting down cedar, specifically the large tree-bushes at either end of the house. We considered cutting them down completely, but after pruning away all of the “bush” and paring them down to “tree,” we decided to leave them in their new trim state.

The final step will be to cut down and level off the stumps that circle the main trunks. Meanwhile, I’m beat up and exhausted. This transformation business is hard work!


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5 Responses to Transformation 2012: Day 9

  1. Bernie Davies says:

    Wow!, impressive, especially for a relaxing Saturday. I thought I had it bad today planting four rose bushes in rocky soil, hauling the rose soil and mulch for the four plus other roses around back. Way to go girl! Hope your nice, hot, shower feels as good as mine will. I am whupped!

    • Fran Hart says:

      I’m battle-scarred, but it’s well worth the effort. It took several rounds of hot packs to un-knot my tired muscles.

  2. Bernie Davies says:

    Since I assume you used a chainsaw should we start calling you Jason?