Transformation 2012: Day 12

A nice rainfall (last night and throughout the day) means I didn’t need to water the lawn at Lodestone today. Work and volunteer commitments prevented me from getting grubby, regardless.

But my personal transformation got a boost, as I made another trek downtown in pursuit of more Humans of Austin photos. This exercise lifts me up and allows me to relish the fruit of the Spirit. I enjoy the opportunity to flex some creative muscles, letting those juices flow. And, there’s something inherently rewarding in telling people (truthfully) that I’m working on a photography project, taking pictures of beautiful people.

Here’s an example, for reference:

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2 Responses to Transformation 2012: Day 12

  1. Bernie Davies says:

    Taking photographs of people who are strangers is hard. What is hard is the feeling of intruding into their lives and the feeling you are stealing part of their soul (this has been a real problem with photographers in olden times and with diffrent cultures). The transforming part is being open, honest and willing to embrace someone who is a stranger. Reading the Gospels Jesus was constantly in the crowd, welcoming every person unto Himself, being very open. Hmmm…sounds like some transforming going on. Just don’t glow too brightly, please. I still prefer photographing light and nature.

  2. Fran says:

    For many years, I’ve enjoyed taking photographs of flowers, butterflies (& bees & spiders), and buildings. It was harder than I imagined to transitioning to photographs of people, perhaps because I am approaching these individuals and requesting permission. So, yes…this was another step in my transformation. 🙂