Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one month to the day since my last post here. I *started* a post a few ago. The title? “I may have imploded.”

Here are my excuses:

I blame parenthood!

Prom was May 13th. We had a gaggle of teens spend the night. I can’t even remember the details that followed as we shifted from Prom to Graduation.

My youngest graduated on June 3rd. We had a gaggle of relatives spend the weekend. On Tuesday following, I dropped off the last of the guests on my way to work. As much as I enjoyed the company, it was about two weeks before I recovered.

Just in time for Freshman Orientation at Texas Tech, last weekend (June 17-19). In Lubbock. I give props to TTU for a well-executed 48 hour indoctrination to the reality of pending separation, independence, etc. For all parties.

I blame my work situation!

It’s been almost a year since the wheels came off the tracks, derailing what I *thought* was a decent career trajectory.

Dilbert watching over Novel in Progress

That coincided with the group critique of the first 25 pages of my first novel. I put the novel on hold while I rode the roller coaster that follows career unhinging.

Our house flipping efforts have been epic, and that post (those posts) have been long overdue. For a few weeks I spent every spare moment helping Mr. H paint, clean, run errands or do whatever was necessary to get the Lodestone property listed. We’re finally there.

In parallel, I fantasized about life-as-a-writer. I participated in a webinar hosted by A-list blogging and Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing. Danny is both inspirational and helpful. Technically, his engagement should *not* fall under the list of excuses. But, the inspiration was a contributor to the implosion.

And, for the sake of inspiration, creation, and bohemian appreciation, I founded the Humans of Austin page on facebook. Periodic expeditions to downtown Austin (Congress, South Congress and the East UT Campus areas) to capture images of the beautiful people of Austin. This trips are invigorating, and, although taxing, always encourage me.

Last week I signed up for an on-line course in pursuit of my real estate license. Why? Why not. If we’re going to make a serious go of the real estate business (we could be moguls some day!), we can be more profitable if one of us is the agent, and I drew the short straw was the better candidate for continuing education. It seems my BS gives me a leg up, no double entendre intended.

It seems that while I dream of writing, I manage to pursue many other exhausting endeavors that preclude my having the energy or mental capacity to sing a note write a word of coherent thought.

Enough of those lame excuses! Tonight, I squeaked out a post. May it be the first of many (more).

About Fran Hart

Disciple of Christ, earning a living as the director of US-based operations for a Taiwanese company, managing an engineering organization while carving out time to write. Wife, Mother, Grandmother.
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One Response to Happy Anniversary!

  1. Bernie Davies says:

    Yaaaaa! A new Post. Have you considered entering a nunnery in order to find some time for peace and quiet? Would make for good reflections to help with your writing. Also, start thinking about which broker you would work for. My understanding is you can’t “just work” with a realators license but you have to be watched over by a broker, who happens to take a piece of your pie. Lastly, TJH is such a blessing to you and everyone else, and probably could pass calculus with an A+ his first year at TTU. Just don’t let him take the Mustang, please.