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Disney World: a Magical Kingdom

The young mother pushed a rented stroller down Main Street, maneuvering through the throng of tourists. She was vigilant, watchful for disruptions in the pedestrian flow, anticipating sudden stops as those ahead, distracted by offerings showcased in vendors’ carts or … Continue reading

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“Empty Hallways and Ashen Faces”

We, the survivors, huddled together in a large conference room near the entrance, a room usually reserved for the principal. They, our rescuers, looked as shocked as we. I have no doubt that not one of us greeted the day … Continue reading

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After it was over

She opened the door and crossed the threshold as she had so many times, but now everything was different. It helped to know she wasn’t alone, but her cats were so quiet she might as well have been. “Jingles! Champ! … Continue reading

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Nothing left to talk about

“Have a seat; put your feet up. You can sit and talk with me while I paint.” Marsha’s offer to her husband of 40 years was sincere, as was his rebuff. “Why would I do that? What’s to talk about?” … Continue reading

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From the depth of her being she knew she had to escape. She wanted to believe her situation couldn’t get worse, but she knew better. She’d survived this long by paying attention to the signs and trusting her intuition. The … Continue reading

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On their second day of driving they rode in the comfortable silence that comes when everything’s been said. The miles behind them covered discussions of their children, now with her parents, and their pending stay at the coast. Neither felt … Continue reading

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Origin unknown

She hates me. I hate knowing this. It’s awkward and inconvenient, a palpable weight on my conscience. She speaks only a little English, but such strong emotions need no translation. I nod at her, smiling. I’m invariably polite, yet she … Continue reading

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A glimpse into the darkness

He caught a glimpse of her when she thought herself unobserved. Whatever demons were at work, their grip was powerful. Her eyes were dark pools, her breath, a sighing filled with sorrow. Motionless, she sat isolated in a shadowy corner … Continue reading

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We sat in the parking lot eating chicken wings, with the engine running and the air conditioner on its highest setting in an effort to counter the impossible heat of this Texas summer. One wing remained on the grease-stained paper … Continue reading

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He might’ve taken her seriously if she took herself less so. Sitting across from her, she spoke as if she were orating. “Going forward, there shall be no more of this nonsense,” she said. Only “forward” was faw-wahd, “more” sounded … Continue reading

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