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The righteous, the wicked and the watchman

There are occasions when progress demands a change in perspective. For some time, I’ve been traveling a rough road, a journey fraught with danger and threats, surprises, elements beyond my control…you get the picture. Working harder, working smarter, not working, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Occasionally, I stumble across the same message so often that a flashing neon sign, with bells and whistles, couldn’t be more effective in getting the point across. Most recently, I keep slamming into “follow your dream.” A few months ago, … Continue reading

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Transformation: I am a writer

In the early 80’s I started college, in pursuit of Engineering. Then, I dropped out. Then, I went back. Then, I dropped out, again. I was out for 6 years. I got married, had babies, and worked as a stenographer. … Continue reading

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Slaves to Righteousness

I’ve been thinking about the meaning of the scripture from Romans 6:13-23. Paul said we are “slaves to righteousness”. That seems like an odd concept, but I like his logic. We are slaves to whatever is dictating our actions and … Continue reading

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Who am I and what am I doing here?

This year has been very challenging for me in many respects. And it’s only half over. My vision for how things would go and where I would be right now? Well…it’s been a rough road and I’m not where I … Continue reading

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Ask and it shall be given unto you

Yesterday I prayerfully asked God to guide me in my response to Mark. I don’t generally consider myself an evangelist, yet I’m growing as an apologist. If I take some small liberty with the definitions, I could say that an … Continue reading

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God, our Father and the Creator of all things

God’s ways are mysterious, of this I have no doubt. These days I’ve been too busy to keep up with the blogs I typically savor, much less to comment. I do occasionally glance at a dozen or so tweets, just … Continue reading

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Lent is a time for change

I am in the middle of an epic internal conflict, wringing my hands and crying, “What to do? What to do?” Why the drama? My last two Lenten reflections left me looking through the glass darkly, wondering what’s in store … Continue reading

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Lent is a time to repent and heed God’s call

We are all called to repent and we are called to follow Jesus. When we repent, first we (probably) feel guilt or remorse for our misdeeds, then (ideally) we turn away from the “bad” behavior and move towards more noble … Continue reading

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Lenten considerations

Jesus told his disciples, I am the Bread of Life; whoever eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood will have eternal life. This startling disclosure came shortly after the miraculous feeding of five thousand with five loaves of … Continue reading

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