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Reflections on life at 50 (and the decade ahead)

I am 50 years old today. I was 50 yesterday, too. But, the day before that was the pivotal day that I turned 50. Last week, I was a woman in her 40’s. This week, and for the next 520 … Continue reading

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Yeah…about that first week….

Sometimes when we say “if you know what I mean….” we’re really saying “I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to explain what I mean right now. Mark‘s open-mindedness has impressed me and I’m still exploring some of his … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Balance and escape from the 10 pound yoyo

In the 6 weeks since my last post (the post where I mentioned my need for balance in my life), I’ve absolutely failed at finding balance. But I’ve succeeded in my efforts to swing the pendulum. The trick now will … Continue reading

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Before, Really Before and Really, Really Before

Maybe it was quitting smoking (June 10, 2004) or maybe it was my hysterectomy (May, 2007?I think) but somehow weight began to creep up on me in a big way. Here are photos from December, 2008:I realized something had to … Continue reading

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My first 5k is behind me

Here we are (Saturday June 19), having just finished Vern’s No Frills 5k. My hubby surprised me by running most of the way. He finished about a minute ahead of Sherie (my coach and friend) and me. I’m proud of … Continue reading

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On the subject of healing

In 2002 I started having mysterious abdominal pain. Bloating, cramps, gas…. Here’s a picture of me at the time (I’m the one in uniform). I was performing in a community theater production of “Rumors” and I remember having to go … Continue reading

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