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Transformation 2012: Day ___

I’m learning a funny thing about transformation. Well, maybe not funny, but good to know. Transformation comes with a lot of pressure, both internal and external. From the outside, the world resists. From the inside, I resist. I’m squeezed, compressed, … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 12

A nice rainfall (last night and throughout the day) means I didn’t need to water the lawn at Lodestone today. Work and volunteer commitments prevented me from getting grubby, regardless. But my personal transformation got a boost, as I made … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 11

I began counting the days of this transformation at a random milestone, beginning with the first day of my “vacation.” I spent ten days dedicated almost exclusively to the rehabilitation of a house we’ve acquired with the intention of reselling. … Continue reading

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18 years ago

This morning, after breakfast at IHOP, you asked and I told you again about how it was on that day, 18 years ago. I think it counts as “again”, though it’s been a while. Maybe today I shared some details … Continue reading

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Never without you

Benny shuffled into the kitchen, knees stiff, shoulders hunched, feeling every minute of his ninety years. Mornings were like that. His age seemed to settle on him like a heavy blanket in the night, draining his energy and leaving him … Continue reading

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Ask and it shall be given unto you

Yesterday I prayerfully asked God to guide me in my response to Mark. I don’t generally consider myself an evangelist, yet I’m growing as an apologist. If I take some small liberty with the definitions, I could say that an … Continue reading

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Lent is a time to repent and heed God’s call

We are all called to repent and we are called to follow Jesus. When we repent, first we (probably) feel guilt or remorse for our misdeeds, then (ideally) we turn away from the “bad” behavior and move towards more noble … Continue reading

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Lenten considerations

Jesus told his disciples, I am the Bread of Life; whoever eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood will have eternal life. This startling disclosure came shortly after the miraculous feeding of five thousand with five loaves of … Continue reading

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My 3 words and the goals that go with them

This year I was introduced to the concept of identifying 3 words to be the focus and guide for personal goals and development, rather than going through the exercise of creating resolutions that might fall to the wayside before the … Continue reading

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A Tale About Trolls

Once upon a time, in a land that might or might not be far, far away, there lived a troll. This troll, like any troll, had “issues”, not the least of which is her overwhelming anger. Sure she had friends … Continue reading

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