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Paying by phone

I’ve not typically played “early adopter” for new technology, but sometimes the change is so remarkably compelling, the convenience and ease-of-use so stunning, that I’d be remiss *not* to make the change. Using my phone to make credit/debit card charges … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Occasionally, I stumble across the same message so often that a flashing neon sign, with bells and whistles, couldn’t be more effective in getting the point across. Most recently, I keep slamming into “follow your dream.” A few months ago, … Continue reading

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AXE: Hold and Touch hair glue

How do I tell Klout that I’m a girl? Do they need to know that even though I’m a girl, I’ll try products developed for men? When they offered to send me a free product sample, I didn’t catch the … Continue reading

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Huge mistake or the best thing I’ve ever done?

Time will tell if yesterday’s mad dash to the finish line was worth it, or if the product of that “victory” will be a lesson on what not to do. The mad dash? I finished another round of self-editing on … Continue reading

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The Noticer by Andy Andrews

If you’ve been fortunate enough to meet someone who always seems to distill a situation down to its core elements and offer a point of view that resonates with your soul, then you’ll probably recognize that someone in Andy Andrews’ … Continue reading

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