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Reflections on life at 50 (and the decade ahead)

I am 50 years old today. I was 50 yesterday, too. But, the day before that was the pivotal day that I turned 50. Last week, I was a woman in her 40’s. This week, and for the next 520 … Continue reading

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The righteous, the wicked and the watchman

There are occasions when progress demands a change in perspective. For some time, I’ve been traveling a rough road, a journey fraught with danger and threats, surprises, elements beyond my control…you get the picture. Working harder, working smarter, not working, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Occasionally, I stumble across the same message so often that a flashing neon sign, with bells and whistles, couldn’t be more effective in getting the point across. Most recently, I keep slamming into “follow your dream.” A few months ago, … Continue reading

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Transformation: I am a writer

In the early 80’s I started college, in pursuit of Engineering. Then, I dropped out. Then, I went back. Then, I dropped out, again. I was out for 6 years. I got married, had babies, and worked as a stenographer. … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day ___

I’m learning a funny thing about transformation. Well, maybe not funny, but good to know. Transformation comes with a lot of pressure, both internal and external. From the outside, the world resists. From the inside, I resist. I’m squeezed, compressed, … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 10

Today is the end of a 10-day spiritual retreat, in which I focused most of my time and energy on rehabilitating a house, and rehabilitating my soul. I’ve prayed, and poured sweat, and dreamed and … I’m not entirely sure … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 6

Today I finished the last of the wallpaper removal at Lodestone, stripping the layers of brown paper from the master bathroom. I quickly learned that I needed to change my ways or accept the consequences; this situation required patience and … Continue reading

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A new adventure

As of this afternoon we’ve taken one more step toward ownership of a house that we intend to flip. We’ve had this idea in mind for a while, and we’ve been trying to find a good candidate. We made an … Continue reading

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and I thought self-editing was hard!

No matter how hard the challenge, tall the mountain or rough the course, I seem to be willing to grit my teeth, grunt, sweat and otherwise behave in a manner unbecoming a lady. I’m not sure what I am becoming … Continue reading

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Editing, editing, editing

Tom Petty says that the Waiting is the hardest part, and God knows I’m not good at waiting (and that is not part of the process I’m looking forward to). Thus far, from where I’ve spent my day sitting, at … Continue reading

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