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Separation Anxiety

These days it’s a common sight to spy 2 engineers with their heads together, like a pair of conspirators. It’s would be surprising because designing notebooks isn’t a particularly covert operation. I know it when I see it, though. It’s … Continue reading

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New Arrival

Minutes before officially becoming a big brother, our grandson spent time burning energy, running around the secluded patio in the women’s section of the hospital. Labor was eased by an epidural. Delivery was quick. My daughter asked me to stay … Continue reading

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Sitting quietly in the waiting room, on the outside. Outside of the doors. Doors that require approval from the nurses’ station before entry (or exit) can be granted. We’ve been excused for a moment. Before I’m finished with that thought, … Continue reading

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Way back when, shortly after Christmas, I began a delightful (but slow) journey into fitness. My regimen of workouts evolved from playing around on the Wii Fit Plus to getting serious about exercise. Initially, although I was putting in at … Continue reading

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