I am the Director of US-based operations, running a wholly-owned subsidiary for a Taiwanese company and leading a team of engineers in the design of notebook computers. I am also an author with two published articles (Guidepost magazine) to my credit. I’ve written two novels and am in the process of preparing the first for publication.

I’ve been married to Mr. H for over 25 years. He is my staunchest supporter, and not just because my career allowed him to “retire” 16 years ago. At least I don’t think that’s his motivation.

We’ve raised four children and we have four grandchildren. We’ve experienced adoption from both sides, heartache, rebellion and reconciliation. We love our children but we haven’t always known how to respond to them. Parenthood as a whole has proven to be a humbling experience.

I read the Bible regularly and try not to thump it (too loudly, anyway). I’ve gained tremendous insight about our role in the world and I’m fascinated by the relationships brought to us through scripture.

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