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The Noticer by Andy Andrews

If you’ve been fortunate enough to meet someone who always seems to distill a situation down to its core elements and offer a point of view that resonates with your soul, then you’ll probably recognize that someone in Andy Andrews’ … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Study: Judges 13 – Samson’s Conception & Birth

In Judges 13, Manoah’s sterile wife (never named) encounters an angel of the Lord who foretells of the conception and birth of Samson. Other notable sterile-women-who-became-mothers-after-divine-intervention: Sarah, mother of Isaac; Rebekah, mother of Jacob; Hannah, mother of Samuel; Elizabeth, mother … Continue reading

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China – more of the 1st week

Sunday evening I left Austin, arriving at the factory (almost straight from the airport) Tuesday afternoon. Every day was filled from with meetings, conference calls, and build activities. I ate dinner in my room Tues, Wed & Thursday. I had … Continue reading

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The journey began: China-bound

I left for China on September 8th. After a 28hour flight schedule (including layovers in LA and Taipei) I arrived in Shanghai. Here’s the beer bar in the Taipei airport where I relaxed from ~6am to 8am. I met a … Continue reading

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My first book review: Carter Beats the Devil

Carter beats the rap, the odds, the competition and wins the girl…twiceAlthough initially daunted by the length of “Carter Beats the Devil,” the novel came highly recommended so I committed to include it in my summer reading material. At over … Continue reading

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I’m back! Starting with a story about "Messages"

I had a delightful trip to China. Delightful in that work was productive, play was adventuresome and there were no incidents of barfing. Out of about 8 or so trips to Asia (China, Taiwan and Malaysia) this is only the … Continue reading

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I’m on my way…to China

Work’s been busy, no doubt. Conference calls in the morning and at night. And while I sleep? The team in Taipei is busy working, sending e-mail, filling my inbox. It’s so easy to start every day with 30 minutes of … Continue reading

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Oh Al, you shouldn’t have!

What a sweet cat! He knew it was my darling hubby’s birthday so he brought him a gift. “Happy Birthday! Here’s the bird I brought you! I did nibble off the head while I was waiting for you to come … Continue reading

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