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Editing, editing, editing

Tom Petty says that the Waiting is the hardest part, and God knows I’m not good at waiting (and that is not part of the process I’m looking forward to). Thus far, from where I’ve spent my day sitting, at … Continue reading

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A snake in the grass

I’ve come to realize that I’m dealing with a snake. Maybe you’ve dealt with his type before. He’s shady. Crafty. His strike is not a venomous dart, so fast that you never see it coming. No, he’s more the insidious … Continue reading

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Slaves to Righteousness

I’ve been thinking about the meaning of the scripture from Romans 6:13-23. Paul said we are “slaves to righteousness”. That seems like an odd concept, but I like his logic. We are slaves to whatever is dictating our actions and … Continue reading

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Should the title count in the count?

I asked and was told most people do not count their titles. I Googled it and consulted various websites. I noticed some just go without a title. I read what Wikipedia had to say and learned it’s called “drabble” but found no … Continue reading

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Who am I and what am I doing here?

This year has been very challenging for me in many respects. And it’s only half over. My vision for how things would go and where I would be right now? Well…it’s been a rough road and I’m not where I … Continue reading

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Yeah…about that first week….

Sometimes when we say “if you know what I mean….” we’re really saying “I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to explain what I mean right now. Mark‘s open-mindedness has impressed me and I’m still exploring some of his … Continue reading

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