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“Empty Hallways and Ashen Faces”

We, the survivors, huddled together in a large conference room near the entrance, a room usually reserved for the principal. They, our rescuers, looked as shocked as we. I have no doubt that not one of us greeted the day … Continue reading

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If I can, you can (aka “The first day of Christmas”)

Perhaps because I’ve been immersing myself in Psalms and Proverbs, which have plenty to say about pride and humility, or perhaps for reasons best ferreted out by a professional, this year I finally participated in Neil’s annual Christmahanukwanzaakah post (his … Continue reading

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Real Estate Plot Twists

I hope that the twists and turns of the last month in our real estate saga are not indicative of what we should expect for the future. The flip house that we couldn’t keep on (or off) the market? The … Continue reading

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How the race was “won”

If you caught my post on November 13, you already know that this year’s attempt to write a novel in November got off to a rough start. By “rough start” I mean, as of then I hadn’t really started. If … Continue reading

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