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Hi, my name is Fran and I’m a workaholic

There are two types of addictions in this world. Some addictions, like cigarettes and alcohol, when you quit, you quit. I believe* that social smokers and social drinkers are not really addicted. Other addictions, like food and work, are far … Continue reading

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Work can be an idol

Have you ever said something out loud (or hit “publish” on a post) then realized the implications of what you articulated? Last week I lost sight of my priorities. More accurately, this weekend I realized I’d lost sight of my … Continue reading

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My piece of the pie

I am faced with a dilemma this week: a conundrum of sorts. It seems that my little organization in Texas will be graced with a “pay adjustment”. The budget is a small percent of our total salary base. That’s the … Continue reading

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Baptism – Josalynn Marie Hicks

Although my oldest two daughters hated each other during their teen years, my forecast of their eventual reunion has finally hit a major milestone of “see-I-told-you-so” maternal truth. They are turning the corner in their relationship and hopefully they will … Continue reading

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Before, Really Before and Really, Really Before

Maybe it was quitting smoking (June 10, 2004) or maybe it was my hysterectomy (May, 2007?I think) but somehow weight began to creep up on me in a big way. Here are photos from December, 2008:I realized something had to … Continue reading

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