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My first 5k is behind me

Here we are (Saturday June 19), having just finished Vern’s No Frills 5k. My hubby surprised me by running most of the way. He finished about a minute ahead of Sherie (my coach and friend) and me. I’m proud of … Continue reading

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The funny thing about feedback

It is better to be criticized by a wise man than praised by a fool (Ecclesiastes 7:5). Do you believe this to be true? There are people who operate as if only a fool would criticize them. Conversely, they believe … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Nature happens, folks. Winter months, with all of the plants packed into the sunroom, spiders and other creepy-crawlies take up residence. After hours of labor, sweating in the sauna that is my sunroom, I’m quite delighted with the results. I’ve … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when we’re driving along…I’m moved to pull out my camera and capture the view. Amen.

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Cleaning carpets

We’ve invested in a rental property. This is part of my retirement strategy. No joke. Some day I hope to be doing something else. In order to get there, we bought a house that we hope to rent. But first, … Continue reading

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Finally, the Outdoor Kitchen!

Once upon a time we had a dream. That dream began the day we saw our home for the first time. We’d only looked at about 100 homes, flying into neighborhoods like a blitzkrieg; reviewing 3-6 homes then moving on … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

My Darling Hubby and I are going to participate in a 5K! Vern’s No Frills 5K in Georgetown. He’s walking. I’m running (and walking). He says he will keep up with me. Humph. We’ll see. We’ll be joined by friends. … Continue reading

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