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On Good Friday, He died for our sins. On Saturday, His believers did not know or fully understand. They feared. They doubted. They waited, uncertain, for what would become the first Easter morning, the day of His resurrection. On Easter … Continue reading

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Philip stared at the screen. He’d survived 90 years without ever needing Craig’s list but now it seemed the perfect solution. Back in ’45 when he acquired his peculiar little bottle with its ever-so-special contents, the likes of the internet … Continue reading

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Mimi sat on the porch swing, motionless. Words swirled through her mind like fallen leaves caught in an eddy, twisting and spinning, eventually rushing downstream. China plates: white shards scattered on the kitchen floor, dried food on the pieces, on … Continue reading

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“What do you think they’re doing?” Julie asked. “Keep your voice down!” Sean responded, frowning. “Do you wanna get caught?” He wished Julie wasn’t with him but when he saw Coach Brown and Ms. Starr leaving he didn’t have time … Continue reading

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