Pinky and the Google Brain

Some of you might remember Pinky and the Brain, from Animaniacs. The Brain was always scheming to take over the world. Google might just be a bit like Brain.

I remember when Google became the biggest, bestest and brightest search engine for tooling around the Internet. That must have been about 15 years ago. It was thin and light and uncluttered, free from advertising and pop-ups and other annoyances. Even now, that’s what makes it my favorite. And when Google began to do more? They managed to do so without cluttering up the thing they already did well. And for this, I love them.

I use Google Mail and the fact that I’m moving my email to my own domain’s address has nothing to do with gmail. I love Google Maps and I occasionally love Google Reader. I love Google Earth. I set up Google Analytics for monitoring my blog. I work for a Taiwanese company so you gotta know Google translate comes in handy. I’ve dabbled with some of Google’s tools for managing tasks, reading lists (for print), etc. When Google Wave came along I shrugged and thought, “Why not?” and waited for my invitation. After I was granted access and tried it out, I shrugged again and thought, “Why?”

And now comes Google+. I’m hearing plenty of buzz but I’m not hearing anything compelling. I’m also reading about the downside from folks who don’t already use Google mail. So, I’m happy to wait and see. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for your feedback and comments.

Author Kristen Lamb (see her thoughts on Google+ has agreed to guinea pig this new attempt by Google to take over the social networking world, and I shall gladly sit by and let her.

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3 Responses to Pinky and the Google Brain

  1. Kristen Lamb says:

    Pink? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Well, I fink so Brain. But me and Pippy Long-Stocking? What would the children look like?


    Yeah, you and I are sooo on the same wavelength. Love it and thanks for the shoutout :D.