Rehab, not flipping

I need to remember that what we are doing now is “rehab”. The flip refers more to the real estate transactions. We’re in the ugly, gory part of the process, where there is a lot of sweating and occasional swearing.

Mr. H spent yesterday and today working on the cabinet makeover, adding a microwave to the appliance set. He also painted (using a power sprayer) the cabinets, but I neglected to take a photo at the end of the day.

I spent yesterday taping off the bedrooms and today, painting. Two bedrooms are now “Summer Sandcastle,” awaiting the application of an oil-based white to the doors and trim. Other than a few minutes of freak-out when we thought the flesh toned wall paint was a bust, the day was uneventful.

I’m glad I forgot about my discomfort with heights, as I climbed this 8′ ladder and streeetttccchhhed to cut in the paint at the ceiling.

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2 Responses to Rehab, not flipping

  1. Camille says:

    Wow, Fran! I’d heard of house flipping before but until now I didn’t know anyone who’d signed up for the task (although one of my friends bought a foreclosure a year or two ago and he’s been slowly fixing it up to live in it—man, THAT place was a wreck!) It looks like a crazy amount of work, but I hope it will pay off for you!

    • Fran Hart says:

      Thanks, Camille! It’s been intense, no doubt. This one is all about the learning experience; but we’re also expecting to do this again. Gluttons for punishment? Maybe…. 😉