Separate ways

We met during our fifteenth year, immediately inseparable, soul mates, imagining life eternally together. But youthful ideals are impractical. After we graduated, ambition, a greater divider than geography, widened a gulf between us. The year I started college, she married. By the time I graduated with my doctorate, she had two children. My first promotion came the year her husband left.

Perhaps because we shared a birthday, we stayed in touch, whether by card (often late), phone call, or an occasional visit.

Until now.

Thin and frail, victim of a disease that claimed what life could not, taking her from me.

These 100 words are prompted by “widened”

About Fran Hart

Disciple of Christ, earning a living as the director of US-based operations for a Taiwanese company, managing an engineering organization while carving out time to write. Wife, Mother, Grandmother.
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10 Responses to Separate ways

  1. Tara R. says:

    A touching love story in so few words.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Touching and tugged at my heart!

  3. Amy L. says:

    Here today, gone in a flash. But only gone for a while, since we leave too. No physical immortality round these parts.

  4. Ah, unrequited love. Sad and beautiful.

  5. Robin Hawke says:

    I knew there was a “widened” linky link…thank you!

    One can’t dismiss the power of the right time and place…great post. Robin