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Stiff, by Mary Roach

I have no idea what prompted me to bring my recent impulse-buy, Stiff, with me on a cruise, but I did. As Mr. H and I headed to the deck for a little sunbathing on our first day at sea, … Continue reading

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Paying by phone

I’ve not typically played “early adopter” for new technology, but sometimes the change is so remarkably compelling, the convenience and ease-of-use so stunning, that I’d be remiss *not* to make the change. Using my phone to make credit/debit card charges … Continue reading

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That was then, this is now

Yesterday, I responded to Jeff Goins’ challenge: Declare yourself a writer! Sure, I’m motivated by the contest, but also…I’m motivated by the calling that has been pulling and tugging at me for years. I’ve been inching along this path, occasionally … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 5

If you visited yesterday’s post, you’ll see an image of the dining area wall at the end of the day (i.e. the start of the day today). To the uninitiated, it might not look that bad. I dared to feel … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 3

Today was another day in the process of renewing, reflecting, revitalizing and revealing; peeling back the layers and discovering what’s hidden below the surface. I spent my morning in prayerful retreat, then embarked on a new adventure. Inspired by Humans … Continue reading

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18 years ago

This morning, after breakfast at IHOP, you asked and I told you again about how it was on that day, 18 years ago. I think it counts as “again”, though it’s been a while. Maybe today I shared some details … Continue reading

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Disney World: a Magical Kingdom

The young mother pushed a rented stroller down Main Street, maneuvering through the throng of tourists. She was vigilant, watchful for disruptions in the pedestrian flow, anticipating sudden stops as those ahead, distracted by offerings showcased in vendors’ carts or … Continue reading

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If I can, you can (aka “The first day of Christmas”)

Perhaps because I’ve been immersing myself in Psalms and Proverbs, which have plenty to say about pride and humility, or perhaps for reasons best ferreted out by a professional, this year I finally participated in Neil’s annual Christmahanukwanzaakah post (his … Continue reading

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A new adventure

As of this afternoon we’ve taken one more step toward ownership of a house that we intend to flip. We’ve had this idea in mind for a while, and we’ve been trying to find a good candidate. We made an … Continue reading

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and I thought self-editing was hard!

No matter how hard the challenge, tall the mountain or rough the course, I seem to be willing to grit my teeth, grunt, sweat and otherwise behave in a manner unbecoming a lady. I’m not sure what I am becoming … Continue reading

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