Transformation 2012: Day 7

If I weren’t running a series, I’d have titled today’s post, “Mr. H is the light of my life.” It’s true, you know. We have been working well together as a team, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is his uncanny ability to notice that I’m working the dark. He passes through the room where I’m slaving away (mostly over wallpaper, but occasionally other efforts) and turns on the light. It’s a remarkable gift and a source of surprise and gratitude every time he does this for me.

Although I’ve spent a lot of time stripping wallpaper, I can also claim credit for cleaning the cabinet doors (what’s not evident in the “before” photos is the extent of the grease and grime on these doors):

And cleaning the soot off of the fireplace:

Meanwhile, Mr. H has demolished bathrooms and rebuilt them, installing new tubs and tile. Here’s the master bath:

Here’s the guest bath:

Also, he’s created a wine rack and wine glass holder:

I’ve come to appreciate that in this venture, I’m the cheap labor, grateful for the boss who passes through and offers enlightenment.

In the spiritual realm, this is absolutely priceless symbolism for the transformation I’m appreciating, as I scrub and peel and clean, I’m grateful for the wisdom and guidance that comes from above.

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