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Stiff, by Mary Roach

I have no idea what prompted me to bring my recent impulse-buy, Stiff, with me on a cruise, but I did. As Mr. H and I headed to the deck for a little sunbathing on our first day at sea, … Continue reading

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Reflections on life at 50 (and the decade ahead)

I am 50 years old today. I was 50 yesterday, too. But, the day before that was the pivotal day that I turned 50. Last week, I was a woman in her 40’s. This week, and for the next 520 … Continue reading

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There are two exits from my neighborhood. At the west end, you can turn left onto a county road that intersects the main road, RR 1431, with the convenience of a traffic signal. I usually choose the direct route, taking my … Continue reading

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How are YOU using Twitter?

A while ago I had a twitter-exchange with someone that ended with his observation that perhaps we are using Twitter in different ways. You see, he’d stopped following me, and although I’ve never met him in person, I felt (and … Continue reading

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The righteous, the wicked and the watchman

There are occasions when progress demands a change in perspective. For some time, I’ve been traveling a rough road, a journey fraught with danger and threats, surprises, elements beyond my control…you get the picture. Working harder, working smarter, not working, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Occasionally, I stumble across the same message so often that a flashing neon sign, with bells and whistles, couldn’t be more effective in getting the point across. Most recently, I keep slamming into “follow your dream.” A few months ago, … Continue reading

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Transformation 2012: Day 7

If I weren’t running a series, I’d have titled today’s post, “Mr. H is the light of my life.” It’s true, you know. We have been working well together as a team, for a variety of reasons, not the least … Continue reading

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Pardon me, your slip is showing

Last Wednesday morning, during my weekly group meeting at Einstein Bagels, I interrupted one of my girlfriend’s as she was telling a story. In fact, if ever there was a blurt, I blurted: “You have something between your teeth.” Then … Continue reading

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and I thought self-editing was hard!

No matter how hard the challenge, tall the mountain or rough the course, I seem to be willing to grit my teeth, grunt, sweat and otherwise behave in a manner unbecoming a lady. I’m not sure what I am becoming … Continue reading

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Chronic comparing, the road to insanity and perhaps, eventually, death

Klout is going to make me crazy, I can tell already.Well, crazier. It’s like going on a diet and stepping on the scale 3 times a day (yes, I’ve done that). Worse, it lends itself to comparison with others, which … Continue reading

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